3 Social Media Marketing Trends To Follow This 2017


How much traffic and engagement do you receive from social media? If you answered not so much then you may want to keep up with the latest changes in the social realm in order to maximize the power of social outreach. It’s clear that all businesses can benefit from creating a solid social presence, but this doesn’t mean you have to join blindly. Instead, be sure to follow these top social media marketing trends and let them serve as a guide for developing your 2017 strategy.

Videos Are Here To Stay

In case it still isn’t evident for you, understand that videos are immensely powerful. In fact, many say that 2017 is the year of video. Yes, the same statement had been said for the past couple of years. But it just goes to show that videos are here to stay. Looking at 2016 numbers, anybody in their right minds wouldn’t dismiss the enormous potential videos offer in terms of driving traffic, improving engagement, and building authority. Resource here: https://gggmarketing.com/naples/seo-services/social-media-management/

Think about it: how many new brands have you seen emerged following the release of several viral videos? If you keep up with social media trends, then you have probably seen several. This only highlights the fact that videos can single-handedly carry a brand into stardom. Sure, that sounds crazy. But certainly not impossible.

This 2017, videos are bound to get even more powerful. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to creating just any kind of video and uploading it on your social profiles. Instead, consider other forms of video content such as live streaming, 360-video, and ephemeral content. Now that sounds like a boatload of work, and it really is. But if that’s what it takes to stay ahead of the curve, you need to act now or your competition will take over.

Influencer MarketingInfluencer-marketing

Every brand aims to amass a large following of targeted users on social media. But this can prove extremely difficult. Not to mention, it takes a great time investment. A form of shortcut in a good way is reaching out to big names in your industry, building relationships with them, and asking them to promote your business. This is called influencer marketing here: https://blog.hootsuite.com/influencer-marketing/, a technique that will surely become more popular over the next few months.

Influencers have a huge impact on their followers. When they recommend something, it can be expected that their followers will jump on it. Imagine how this can prove lucrative for your business. Now, you can’t expect these popular folks to promote your product or service for nothing. Of course, there has to be something for them. And that usually comes in the form of paying them in exchange for your recommending your business to their list of targeted customers.

As with all kinds of investment, this all boils down to ROI. Crunch some numbers and try to determine how much money you can generate for every conversion. This should give you a rough idea of whether the cost of reaching out to influencers proves worth it or not.

Chat Bots

Have you heard of the Messenger bot? This is one of the latest features of Facebook. Basically, it lets you set up pre-defined responses to people connecting with your brand or sending you direct messages. This offers a breath of fresh air both for publishers and users. As you know, social platforms are bombarded with ads. Users are craving for another channel to foster relationships with brands. And this is exactly what the Messenger bot attempts to address.

With the help of the Messenger bot, you can start personalized 1-1 conversations with people who genuinely show any kind of interest in your brand. They don’t have to subscribe to your list or download an app. This provides excellent user experience because users don’t have to switch channels just to communicate with you. Messenger is already widely used, making it a very efficient platform to reach out to prospects and build custom conversations with them.

These three trends are bound to dominate social media marketing this year. If you want to gain a competitive disadvantage, it’s time to build your new strategy around these trends to reach out to a wide range of targeted audience.

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