Available Moorings Naples MLS Home Listings For Sale

When searching for MLS listings for homes in Naples, you will likely see a large number of houses that are currently for sale. You might be looking for something substantial, perhaps to accommodate your entire family. If that is the case, this will help narrow your search a little bit more. However, if your goal is to find a home that is in a gated community, preferably a golfing community, this will help you significantly narrow your search. In fact, if you are looking for some of the best homes in golfing communities that are available today, Moorings is a great place to look. To find the available Moorings Naples MLS Home listings for sale, here are a few tips on how to get the best ones or you could check out https://shannon.com/moorings/.

Why Would You Want To Live At Moorings?

One of the most obvious reasons that you would want to live in this particular golfing community is its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. It is right on the coast, providing residents with its private beach and Park. You can wake up every day to not only play golf but to take a stroll on the beaches. It is a pristine community, one that has 999 maximum members, all of which will share a golf course that was designed by Milton Link.

Overview Of The Golf Course At Moorings

The golf course at Moorings is a par 72 course. It is relatively difficult to play this 18-hole well-manicured golf course. The renowned architect Milton Link is responsible for this beautiful creation. You will not only be astounded by the scenery but the difficulty of some of the holes. It is shorter than many of the other golf courses in Naples. Due to how short it is, this is perfect for people that would prefer walking. It is also one of the few golf courses that are not outside of the city of Naples. This gives it an advantage over other communities that are so far away from everything the city has to offer. What you will notice first are the clear freshwater lakes, flowering marshes, and the lush rolling fairways. All of this is intermingled with the condos, villas, and single-family homes, some of which might be for sale.

How To Find Out About Available Homes At Moorings

You can discover a lot of information about homes for sale by checking the MLS listings regularly. However, it’s better to work with a realtor that has sold many of these properties before. They will know exactly what you are looking for and alert you when they are available. What is also unique about this location are the prices of the homes. For example, it’s possible for a person to get a condominium on Moorings that is valued at just $73,000. That is unheard of in the real estate industry, especially one that is associated with a golf community as prominent as this one. However, the prices for homes are much higher. They start at $800,000, and they can cost as much as $5 million or more. Therefore, there is quite a bit of variety of this location regarding the properties that are sold, and the prices for which they are available.

How To Find A Realtor To Talk About Buying A Property There

You can easily find a realtor that is well-known in Naples that is constantly selling golfing community properties. They will probably have a couple of Moorings that will be available-for-sale. They can talk to you about prices and other options that you may not have thought of. They can also discuss the cost of the full golf membership fee. It is reasonably priced at $36,000. This gives you the opportunity to play on this beautiful golf course, and the membership dues are reasonable that $5400. If you are the type of person that would also like to participate in social activities, the $9000 social membership fee is also available from Moorings. All of this is available from this wonderful location that is so close to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

If your idea of the perfect golfing community is one that incorporates the natural landscape with the waters of the Gulf of Mexico on the other side, moorings are the right place for you. Depending upon your location within this facility, and the size of your home, you may be no more than five minutes from the place where you will play golf every day. Talk to a realtor about homes, condos, and villas that are currently available at one of the best gated golfing communities in Naples.

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